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For greater ease of use and security in our website we offer 4 different ways to make payment of your orders:

CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD (Only verified cards allowed)

Your data is sent via secure SSL forms and the info is encrypted, guaranteeing your security. No card data is filed, only the respective bank processing the transaction will manipulate the payment information.

This payment is only available for verified cards by your bank institution (Verisign secured).


Payment by Paypal, secure payment platform. With this payment method, you may pay with your credit card, debit card or Paypal account. The orders will be sent to the shipping address used in your Paypal account. 


This payment method can be an increment of time in your order. Consists on making a bank transfer from any banking institution indicating the total purchase amount. You will use the bank data given by us and you should write your order number as the concept of the operation. When the transfer is done, confirm us via e-mail in order for us to check it and validate inmediately. Once the payment is confirmed, we will then proceed to ship your order to the shipping address as soon as possible.


ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0182-7044-90-0201512950

IBAN: ES83-0182-7044-90-0201512950



With this payment method 4% increases the total value of your order for reasons of management, it will be a minimum of 3 if the amount of the fee is less than that amount. (Only for Spain)

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