What's New in Smartwatch or Smart Watches

What's New in Smartwatch or Smart Watches

What's New in Smartwatch or Smart Watches

We are here to tell you about the Smartwacht! Who has not heard of smart watches yet?

The technology imposes itself strongly in all areas of life and as it would not do in the world of watchmaking. For those of you who have not heard of the smart watches in today's Post, we are going through a review of what they are and the most up-to-date brands on the market right now. Surely more than one already intends to give away a smart watch for Christmas. That's why we explain your functions to give you an idea before making your Christmas shopping.

What is a smartwatch?

Smart watches, like many smart bracelets (these will be discussed in the following post) have the following features, although it is not permanent because these watches are constantly evolving to offer better and better performance.

The functions are as follows:

- It's time
- Measure the steps that the user gives in his daily life
- Daily calorie consumption.
- Notifications of Whatsapp, Facebook, mail .. And many of the smart watch models let you interact with them. Many have a built
-in microphone through which you can reply to messages or whatsapp without typing.
- Receive the calls our phone is receiving
- Music player control
- View map directions
- Hands-free function
- Change the design of the dial (being able to change the clock every day).

Smartwacht Huawei We wanted to talk first about the Huawei brand, because in addition to its features what strikes the first sight is its design. Unlike other brands, Huawei is characterized by exceptional design making it look like a lifelike watch. The Huawei Watch features a 1.4-inch Amoled screen with 400X400 resolution coated with sapphire crystal. Undoubtedly in the best screens we have seen in a smartwacht. It also has a heart rate reader and IP67 certification. This brand has seven different models that you can see in our online store and on their website you can see an explanatory video where they tell us the process of manufacturing their watches and how they came to achieve its exceptional design.

Fossil Hibryd SmartWatch This Smartwatch is also giving much to talk about the perfect combination that makes analog clock with intelligent connectivity. One of its best advances has been its compatibility with mobile phone models. This watch always stays on your wrist without spending just a battery (It lasts for six months). Bluetooth function; Receive notifications from your phone, measure our calorie intake, achieve our established physical goals and also establish our sleep hours. With Fossil Hibryd you can also take photos just by giving the button without having to use your phone and also helps us find our mobile phone in case we do not find it at home thanks to the developer Q Fossil App. A model that without a doubt will become its essential companion.

Nixon The Mission One of the last companies that has wanted to make the technological leap towards these smart watches is Nixon. Its first model is aimed at those who are passionate about surfing, skiing or snowboarding. With a robust and shockproof design this model is more targeted to all those who engage in sports. Nixon also recommends it for people who are fond of diving since you can dive it up to 100 meters below sea level and is more versatile than traditional computers as long as it is used with an appropriate dive app. The design is in the hands of the consumer thanks to its straps and interchangeable bezels. We hope to have guided you on these new models of watches that without a doubt come to stay and increasingly offering better performance. What do smart clocks look like to you? Until the next time lovers;)

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